Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Another piece of Rorstrand

I bought this cup and saucer in the 'Eden' pattern a few weeks ago from Marjoriedoo, a vintage clothes shop in Coventry.

It's one of my favourite Rorstrand patterns and a Marianne Westmann design. I also have a ceramic 'pencil' cheese board from the same range, though its been languishing in a box since I moved to this flat as our crumbly walls our not good for hanging heavy ceramics on.

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  1. Nice blog you have, I´ll have a long look around and enjoy!

    Unfortunately Eden often is attributed to Westman, but she has denied this before, claiming it was "one of those painting girls" who designed the Eden decor. Now we actually know who made it, she is called Sigrid Richter.

    The model of this cup is called DM, and is originally designed by Hertha Bengtsson (1954). The Eden decor is from the 60s.