Monday, 4 June 2012

Holiday shopping

We have just got back from a much needed pre-bank holiday mini-break to Rye in East Sussex. Both Rye and neighbouring Hastings have loads of great vintage/antique/junk shops and I think we pretty much scoured all of them during our three days in the area.

I unpacked all the finds this morning once we were back home:

I was particularly pleased to find a scarce Hornsea pottery 'Aphrodite' vase designed by John Clappison, here's a close up photo:


  1. Wow! I love your stuff. Could you show the soup tureen in another post?

    And your vase is quite Bjorn Wiinbladdery. Good picking!

    1. Figgjo photo on the way. I agree with you about the similarity between the decoration on the Hornsea and vase and many of Bjorn Wjimblad's figures. I think lots of John Clappison's designs show signs of Scandinavian influence.