Sunday, 20 January 2013

A flowery pot

I have been neglecting the blog of late as things have finally picked up with our prospective move. We have started the epic task of packing and I have been trying to force myself to sell off some more bits and pieces.

I have just listed a glass spotty handkerchief vase on ebay which I have had for quite a few years now so I think its time for it to go.

While packing I also found this nice little lidded pot which usually sits on my bookcase. Its made by T G Green with a design called 'Blumen'. The designer is Colin Haxby. I have done a bit of web searching but have not found many other images of pieces from this range or much information about the designer.

Does anyone out there know anything about Colin Haxby or his work for T G Green?

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  1. hi Ruby

    My husbands grandfather was Colin Haxby! I would love to buy your pot! I'm new to your blog and not really sure how this works