Sunday, 24 March 2013

Vintage bird fabric

Unpacking continues at the new flat. This weekend we have been hanging pictures. Two have already fallen off the wall!

I found a few things I had forgotten about which have been left languishing since I last moved house and I rediscovered this ususual fabric place setting which I had put in a frame.

I don't know who the designer is and would love to hear from anyone out there who might know.


  1. What a delicious piece of fabric - it is definitely Swedish don't you think. I have some similar bits but difficult if no name is on them as I think that there were a few prolific Swedish designers. Thea Tanner, Brit b etc are all signed I think...I was tidying up our airing cupboard and found some Thea Tanner place mats at the bottom - shame on me! I have got a lovely stylised bird design tray from Sweden that I would also love to know who designed it - I will do a post about soon
    Many thanks for sharing lovely fabric
    Best wishes

    1. Hi Jenny,
      Thanks for your comment. I hadn't thought the designer might be Swedish but have done some googling of the designers you mentioned and I see what you mean, the style is similar.
      I look forward to seeing your post about your tray.
      best wishes,

  2. Hello again
    Just a note to say that I have finally posted about that tray that I mentioned - no idea if it is old or not but looks interesting
    Kind regards