Monday, 27 April 2015

Kathie Winkle and Broadhust ceramics

The memorably named Kathie Winkle is one of the most underrated mid-century British ceramic designers. She worked for Broadhurst pottery from 1950 until her retirement in 1992 and was responsible for over 120 designs. We have quite a few pieces in one of Kathie Winkle's earliest designs for Broadhurst which is called 'Petula'.

The later 1960s geometric designs such as this one which is 'Rushtone' are more typical of her work and still very easy to pick up cheaply.

I will be selling these cereal bowls and plate at the North London Vintage Market at the weekend. They are in a design called 'Palma Nova'. Behind these is a teapot in 'Woodland'.

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